Welcome to the 2017 I International Symposium on Bonsai

Bonsai is one of the most traditional and unique horticultural technique from 6th century till today in Asia as well as worldwide. In the past few years, Taiwan has played an important role in the development in Bonsai Industry. In order to develop the bonsai horticultural science as well as facilitate knowledge extension to the worldwide scale. We are pleased to invite scientists and technicians with an interest in bonsai to this symposium, which organized by Taiwan Society for Horticultural Science (TSHS), Taichung Agricultural District Research and Extension Station COA (TDARES), National Museum of Natural Science, National Bonsai Association of Taiwan, and National Taiwan University.

This symposium will cover studies on many aspect of bonsai included current situation and development of industry in different country, history, genera, aesthetics, genetic diversity and its application…etc. It will provide an excellent platform for participants to disseminate their progresses and to facilitate research exchange. We look forward to seeing you on November 4-7 2017 in Taichung, Taiwan!

Conveners of the 2017 I International Symposium on Bonsai



Dr. Hsueh-Shih Lin
Taiwan Society for
Horticultural Science
Taichung District Agriculture Research
and Extension Station, COA, Taiwan
No. 370, Song Hwai Rd., Tatsuen Village,
51541 Changhua, Taiwan
Dr. Hsin-Fu Yen
National Museum of
Natural Science
No. 1, Guancian Rd.,
404 Taichung, Taiwan
Dr. Sheng-Chung Huang
Taiwan Plant Conservation
No. 68, Sec. 4, Chungshan Rd. Xizhou,
524 Changhua, Taiwan